Kamis, 18 November 2010


By. Ani Yusup
For this article I am going to delve into the complexities of salt and why we cannot make exquisite meals without it. You may be wondering why I am calling salt a spice, when in fact it is a mineral with a chemical symbol of NACL (sodium chloride). I am sure you all have heard Doctors tout the statement "eat less salt"; I would agree with that statement if they would also clarify which type of salt they are referring to.

Our body needs salt to survive; one of the tongue's taste buds is used for salty flavors. All salt is not the same! What most Doctors and nutritionists are referring to is common ordinary processed table salt, which usually has no resemblance to real salt and has very little value to the human body.

Salt should be used in moderation, as with any food and should be used as a flavor enhancer, the same as any other spice. Real salt is unrefined, unprocessed sea salt, which is actually good for you but by no means does that mean eat as much as you want.

The elucidation to finding a salt you like is to try as many as possible from many different regions and a variety of curing processes. You should never taste salt in your home cooked meals. As with any spice, salt has many different subtle flavors, depending on which region it is harvested from.

I do not like Pacific Ocean salt; it is too salty for me. I personally found I like Mediterranean fine and coarse French sea salt (sell gris) for cooking, I also have found I like the French Fleur de Sell as a finishing salt. 

It is the most misunderstood and misused element in the cooking process. Salt is the single most important component in any dish.

You must taste salt and decide for yourself because no one can tell you how much salt to add to the dish.

Senin, 15 November 2010

Memories Of A Friend

By. Ani Yusup
"Someone will have meaning when he is no longer being around us"

That feeling is in our hearts, fellows of Sumadi at Setya jaya Motor.
We are all greatly saddened by the death of Sumadi at his home in Kendal on Sunday afternoon, November 14 2010. In a new age of 36th, he was not able to stand against the disease.
Sumadi sentenced to suffer renal failure stage 5 since September 2010.
He had to undergo hemodialysis twice a week. But only a month ... he surrendered.
God has called him back to His side.

In Setya Jaya Motor, Sumadi known as a chief at finishing section. He is an expert in his field, he's got a lot of sense. Hundreds and even thousands of cars damaged had been repaired by him together with his team. His job done quickly and he prioritized cleanliness.

Setya Jaya Motor is a workshop that gave priority to hygiene. Setya Jaya Motor is a Green Company, a company that cares about the environtment, and have earned gold awards twice from ASTRA company.

Setya Jaya Motor without Sumadi would never be the sama again.

Your spirit will remain in our hearts.

Goodbye, friends ... rest in peace.

Minggu, 14 November 2010


By. Ani Yusup

  • Funny ... amount about $1 seems great when we donate it to mosque, but it looks small when we spend for shopping to the supermarket
  • Funny ... how long it feels an hour praying to God, and how short 60 minutes to play ball or play chess
  • Funny ... how hard to read one juz of Al-Quran, and how easy to read 20 sheets of newspaper
  • Funny ... how can we trust what the newspaper said, and fuss over what the Al-Qur'an said
  • Funny ... how easy it is to criticize others, but almost never improve yourself
  • Funny ... how we expect others to our happy, but what have we done to please them
  • Funny ... how we want to succeed, but everyday we just lazy to work
  • Funny ... how we want this country prosper, while many of us are corrupt
  • Funny things do not always become entertainment for our souls, because there are also things that we need to think of funny
  • What so funny about fun anyway ...