Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

The Importance of Planning for Financial Retirement

By. Ani Yusup

Someday, you'll have to stop working. What would you do with the rest of your life?

You definitely deserved to enjoy your golden years with a financially secured retirement plan.

It is very important to plan for one's retirement. Your retirement is probably the only thing that will get you through for the rest of your life after your job and career.

Financial planning for retirement is imperative for one's financial security. Financial planning for retirement is something that one should think of as early as they can. Knowing exactly how much a retiree will need in investing in several types of retirement plans is one of the best tips for financial planning.

It's about 20 years before their actual retirement people need retirement plans. To prepare for their golden years, they will have enough time. You will be prompted to begin saving money early if you think of your retirement earlier.

To consider on financial planning, the most important thing is identifying how much money will be needed. It is important to envision how one should live his life upon retirement as well. How he instead to live his life upon retirement because this will influence the type of financial planning the retiree should have.

A lot of retirees want a luxurious life filled with exciting travels to exotic destinations. Generally retirees will need at least 70% of their pre retirement income in order to maintain the same lifestyle. They will need more than just 70% if they want a better lifestyle.

Financial planning for retirement should include medical bills, grocery costs, estimated adjustment for higher cost of living, and inflated taxes. To successful financial planning for retirement is diversifying retirement investments. Investment should be diversified and should not focus on one thing only.

One of the most feasible investment is the retiree's own company's pension or profit-sharing plans. Some companies have actually eliminated pension plans and offer tax-sheltered savings plans instead. It doesn't really matter if a retiree has had a fair share of employers in his career, because these plans can be transferred from employer to employer.

There are really a lot of ways with which you can plan for your retirement. The most important thing is to be involved in financial planning for retirement as soon as possible in order to enjoy those golden years of retirement.

Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

The Amazing of Having Children

By. Ani Yusup

Being a mother is the most terrific and most challenging task ever! I am so ecited by worth of the task I have been given. I have a lot work to do at office, yet none compare to the daily supervision, debates, and "loud conversations" that I have with my 9-year-old girl, 7 and 5-year-old boys.

The time flew so quickly, it's amazing. Just yesterday, they were little babies, tiny winnie who depended on me for everything and now they are these confident young people who are becoming more self sufficient every day. They have their thoughts and opinions. They are great kids. I am not saying this because they are mine. I also hope that everyone have these feeling about their children.

I thank God for them every day. I alway could not believe that I have this amazing gift. What did I do so great in my lifetime to deserve such of this fantastic blessing? I made a lot of mistakes and I certainly wasn't the best student. I apparently did something right, and I would not do anything differently, because I cannot for the life of me figure out what I ever did to deserve them ... my children. They are the light of my life forever.

I thank God to finding me worthy of the gift of motherhood. Continue to bless my children with strength, health and free will. Bless my husband and me with the skills and resources to provide them with all of the things they want. I hope God gives me strength and fortitude to teach them to be an independent thinker, a self-sufficient doer, and a proactive participant.

Let us realize how fortunate we are and that we all need to pitch in and help those in needs. Bless those who are unable to conceive, help them to realize that they need to experience the pains of labor to mother a child.

Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Adyan Fauzan

Adyan Fauzan likes soccer, badminton, chess, puzzle, painting. He is number one at school and become his teacher's assistance to help his friends on their lessons. He wants to be an engineer that he could built his own robot.

 Aaaaaa .....

... would you like to play chess with me?

Ayda Ziyadatun Jahida

My little princes ...

 Her Future College

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Pictures of My Kids

These are my children, Ayda Ziyadatun Jahida, Adyan Fauzan, dan Akmal Zaidan. Most of their time was spent to play. Ayda and Fauzan, when they were playing they could forget the time. Nevertheless they are smart kids in school, so I'm not worried about their school lessons.

 Hugs of  The Fountain
 Trip to Bandung
 Ready to Go
 The Blue Jackets
 Ready To Fight The Bullies
 Holiday at Grandma's House
... look at those eyes ...

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Tips For Buying Chlidren's Clothes

By. Ani Yusup

For some people shopping is a hobby, depending on what kind of shopping is required. You must be clear in your head about your requirement if you go out shopping clothes for your children.

It is difficult to maintain the balance between the quality and the price of the clothes. Good clothes can be pretty expensive, that’s why no parent wants to compromise on their children’s clothes. The more the price of the clothes, the better would be the quality, that is general presumption.

Usually it is quite to task to find good quality clothes. Shopping can prove to be quite taxing after you have a nice and reliable source to find some nice quality clothes.

You must have a look at these tips before you make your purchase if you don’t want to end up spending fortune on your children’s clothes.

1. Choosing practically over the aesthetics. For example, no matter how much the parents would want their children to look celebrities, it is absolutely not practical. The children care about is the comfort of the clothes they are in. The children do not give much important to their appearance at all. Most of the time, children handle their clothes in a very rough manner, because they are always interested in having a lot of fun. So, it’s not a good idea to dress up the children in aesthetically beautiful and expensive.

2. Buy a few extra sizes at once. Children grow up quickly. You will need a bigger size for your clothes while one size might be last for a year. This tip would help you and save your running around every six month.

3. Always remember to purchase from the good online shops or baby stores which offer nice discounts. That’s because you don’t want to splurge so much on your children’s clothes at the end of the day.

Finally to purchase clothes for your children, make sure that you’ve been choose the perfect place.

Be Your Own Internet Marketing Specialist

By. Ani Yusup

The role of an internet marketing specialist is to assist with the improvement of conversion rates - converting website visitors to buyers and to drive traffic to a website. Some people are good at creating web copy that closes sales and others are good at driving traffic.

You really have to have skill to creating web and driving traffic, because an amount of traffic doesn’t matter if that traffic doesn’t result in revenue. This is the first things you have to good at to be a full drive internet marketing specialist.

Some people have talents and one person’s gift may complement another’s. You may need to work with an internet marketing specialist whose strengths compensate for your weaknesses if you have skills in one area.
An internet marketing specialist engage in to accomplish the two main purposes of internet marketing - driving traffic and closing sales - include:

Brainstorming, Keyword research, Market research, Identification, analysis and selection of marketing channels, Identification of target markets and niche markets,  Budgeting, Development of products and services, Strategic planning and setting of       milestones, Competitor analysis, Website development, Creation of a unique selling proposition, Creation of marketing materials including sales copy, Administration of the internet marketing plan, Analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing program, and Continual strengthening and improvement of the marketing plan and marketing program.

For productive internet marketing really requires quite a vast skill set, effectively addressing all of these tasks that are necessary. In various areas of internet marketing, everybody has strengths and weaknesses.
The reality is not always ideal, if you have an internet marketing team made up of individuals that are internet marketing specialists in all of these areas, it is ideal.

Most people need professional assistance from an internet marketing specialist, because it is rare for any one individual to be strong in each of these. It is vital that everyone on the team communicates clearly and effectively, if you work with an internet marketing specialist or a team of internet marketers.

Do an honest analysis of your skills as they relate to the fifteen internet marketing tasks mentioned previously in order to determine whether or not you are capable of being your own internet marketing expert. You are sure to find some that you have to feel confident about and some that cause uncertainty.

You may choose to hire an internet marketing specialist or you may choose to pursue training or education to enhance your knowledge of internet marketing and strengthen your own skills, if you are not comfortable with your own internet marketing knowledge and skills.


All you have to do is learn from others as well as learning from your own mistakes to be an effective internet marketing specialist , you will naturally develop expertise, you will feel more comfortable and you will gain self-confidence.

Special for Indonesian people, I recommend The Asian Brain Institute (Internet Marketing Centre). That’s the best place to learn about internet marketing in Indonesian language.

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Water In The Human Body

By. Ani Yusup
Why are some people who never eat stone, but they has kidney stone disease?

Generally people drink 8 (eight) glasses a day. Drinking water quality will determine the quality of one's health. Liver and kidney are organs which served as the filter water contained in the blood. Poor water contains many dissolved sediment that can accelerate liver damage and kidney. The precipitate was dissolved heavy metals can be very harmful for the body.

When we consume water that contains heavy metals, we could be poisoning. One of heavy metas is cadmium which can be acute and chronic. Toxic effects caused by the disease of the lungs, liver, high blood pressure, kidney dissorders in system, and osteoporosis.

Lead content in the human body can inhibit the activity of enzymes in the formation of hemoglobin which can lead to anemia. Poor appetite is a symptom caused by lead poisoning, also cramps, vomiting and dizzines. In the greater content timbale also can disrupt the reproductive system, mental disorders and kidney disorders.

Water is an important element that can dissolved anything even if in very small amounts. In the clear water there is no suspended solids, but still allows the existence of the dissolved solids.

Then, let us considering the quality of water we drink.